136 Marlin Drive Kitty Hawk

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136 Marlin Drive
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Outer Banks Cottage Renovations is delighted to showcase our outstanding work on the transformation of 136 Marlin Drive in Kitty Hawk. Our team undertook the challenge of revitalizing the exterior of this property, focusing primarily on enhancing its aesthetics and functionality.


The exterior of 136 Marlin Drive underwent a complete makeover to create a fresh and inviting look. One of the key highlights of this renovation project was the addition of new wooden railings, which not only added a touch of classic coastal charm but also significantly improved the safety and aesthetics of the property’s outdoor spaces. These handcrafted railings were meticulously designed and installed to seamlessly blend with the architectural style of the Outer Banks.

In addition to the new railings, we invested in revitalizing the overall exterior appearance. The existing siding was replaced, providing improved insulation and protection against the elements while giving the home a rejuvenated look. We also upgraded the windows to enhance energy efficiency and promote an abundance of natural light within the interior.

The roofing renovation was another significant aspect of this project, ensuring the structural integrity of the property while contributing to a fresh and cohesive appearance. To complete the transformation, we carefully selected an exterior paint scheme that complements the coastal environment, giving 136 Marlin Drive a timeless and picturesque appeal.

Outer Banks Cottage Renovations takes immense pride in our meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship, even when focusing solely on exterior renovations. The result of this project stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional results that exceed our clients’ expectations while preserving the charm of the Outer Banks architectural style.


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