121 Duck Landing Lane


Outer Banks Cottage Renovations recently completed an exterior renovation project on a beach house located at 121 Duck Landing Lane in Corolla, North Carolina. The renovation project included the addition of a beautiful new deck and wooden railings that have transformed the look and feel of the property.

The homeowners wanted to create a space where they could relax and enjoy the beautiful North Carolina coastline, as well as entertain family and friends.

The team at Outer Banks Cottage Renovations worked with the homeowners to design a custom deck that would meet their needs and complement the existing architecture of the home. They chose a beautiful natural wood finish that would blend in with the surrounding landscape and provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The deck was designed to wrap around the side of the house, providing ample space for outdoor furniture, grilling, and dining. The team also installed a set of wooden stairs that lead down to the backyard, making it easy to access the beach and other outdoor activities.

One of the most striking features of the new deck is the custom wooden railings. The railings were designed to match the natural wood finish of the deck and provide a cohesive look throughout the entire project. The railings also serve a functional purpose, providing safety and stability for those using the deck.

In addition to the deck and railings, the team at Outer Banks Cottage Renovations also made several other exterior upgrades to the property. They installed new exterior lighting fixtures, replaced the old windows with energy-efficient models, and repainted the entire exterior of the house.

The end result of the project is a stunning beach house that perfectly blends form and function. The new deck and railings provide a beautiful and functional outdoor living space that the homeowners can enjoy for years to come. The exterior upgrades have also increased the value of the property and improved its overall curb appeal.

If you are considering an exterior renovation project for your home or beach house, Outer Banks Cottage Renovations is the perfect partner for the job. Their experienced team of designers and builders can help you create a custom solution that meets your unique needs and enhances the beauty and functionality of your property.


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