Outer Banks Cottage Renovations recently completed a stunning renovation project at 3847 Ivy Lane in Kitty Hawk, NC. This project included both exterior and interior renovations, with a focus on modernizing the look and feel of the property. Among the many changes made to the property, the addition of a deck and cable railings stood out as particularly noteworthy.

Exterior Renovations: The Deck and Cable Railings

One of the key objectives of the exterior renovation was to create an inviting outdoor space that would be ideal for entertaining guests and enjoying the beautiful North Carolina weather. The addition of a spacious deck was a perfect solution. The new deck provides ample space for seating, dining, and relaxation. It also offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

To ensure the safety of anyone using the deck, Outer Banks Cottage Renovations installed cable railings around the perimeter of the deck. Cable railings are a popular choice for decks because they provide an unobstructed view while still offering a secure barrier. The sleek, modern look of cable railings also complements the contemporary aesthetic of the home.

Interior Renovations: Cable Railings on the Staircase

In addition to the exterior renovations, Outer Banks Cottage Renovations also made significant changes to the interior of the home. One of the most striking features is the new cable railing installed on the main staircase. The cable railing provides a sleek and modern look that is both functional and visually appealing.

Cable railings are a popular choice for interior staircases because they offer a contemporary look that is ideal for modern and transitional homes. The unobstructed view offered by cable railings also helps to open up the space and create a more spacious and airy feel.

Overall, the renovation project at 3847 Ivy Lane in Kitty Hawk, NC, was a resounding success. The addition of a deck and cable railings, both inside and outside the home, helped to modernize the space while creating an inviting and comfortable environment for the homeowners and their guests. If you’re considering a renovation project for your own home, be sure to contact Outer Banks Cottage Renovations to learn more about their services and how they can help you transform your space.


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