Renovation and Remodeling Trends for 2021

October 5, 2021

The world has spent much of this past year at home! Making home improvements not only builds your home’s equity, but it also impacts the quality of your daily life. For many people, after this lockdown, their house is now their base for everything: work, school, relaxation, dinner parties, and more! If you are able to understand what truly makes a home, a home, then you will most definitely be building the resale value of the property. We have curated a list of the top renovation and remodeling trends for 2021.

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Why remodel?

It is important for you the homeowner, or the buyer, to get emotionally attached to the home. It needs to be special and stand out amongst the other listings. When people spent more time at home this past year, it allowed them to really analyze what improvements needed to be made in their space. Now, with the way that the world is going, it is more convenient to live in a house that caters to all of your daily needs. Offices, homeschool rooms, gyms, meditation spaces, and reading nooks are all examples of remodels that have taken place in 2021. Being able to not only live in a home, but also function properly, will really bring up an individual or families happiness, as well as the value of the house.

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Outdoor Living

When you are “stuck” at home, you start to get creative about the space and where you hang out.

Here are some ideas to make the most of your outdoor space :

  • Outdoor dining room
  • Building in a deck
  • Adding in an outdoor kitchen
  • DIY fire pits
  • Small patio remodels

Incorporating Green Solutions

The pandemic has definitely done one thing, and that’s having a positive impact on the environment. Although the rise in “to go” orders didn’t help with the amount of waste we produce. Car use in the United States declined by 40%. The smog has cleared up from clustered cities. Poaching rhinos declined in Tanzania because of the restriction on borders. Flights were nearly cut in half. Even though these are all great improvements for the environment, it is still not enough. Also, being at home much more than we were before, there is more energy being used. The electricity bills are going through the roof by heating the house during the winter time, kids taking online classes, and connecting with friends online. Eco-friendly upgrades are a bonus, especially once you see the new electricity bill!

Ideas for Eco friendly changes : 

  • Solar panel installation
  • Energy efficient kitchen
  • Smart / green home
  • Geothermal system

More and more buyers are now interested in eco-friendly homes. Not only does this help you, and the Earth, but it also raises the value on your home.

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The home office

I don’t think any of us expected the pandemic to last for so long. Are you tired of working from your couch or in your bedroom? Well there are many ways to utilize unused space in your house.

Try one of these parts of the house to create a home office :

  • Nooks
  • Guest Bedrooms
  • Basements
  • Attics

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Installing windows

I bet you didn’t think nearly as much about the light that enters the house until now! It’s definitely not healthy or ideal to go without sun for months and months. It could be a long winter this year! Installing windows is an easy way to bring light into a space and liven up the place. Especially for those gloomy winter days! If this isn’t an option, consider installing some new lighting such as chandeliers, backlighting, or new sconces in the kitchen.

Creating a bathroom oasis or spa

Is the bathroom the place you go to for some quiet and alone time? Do you miss going to the spa and being pampered? Creating the right bathroom space, can definitely decrease stress. Adding in a budget for a bathroom renovation, is definitely worth every penny! Soaking tubs, steam showers, indoor saunas, and aromatherapy shower heads are all some great ideas to upgrade to your dream bathroom.

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OBX Renovations

We hope that you enjoyed our list of top renovation and remodeling trends for 2021. Contact us today for a quote and to start planning your remodel!

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