Crafting the Interior Space

December 1, 2023

As the construction phase nears completion, the focus shifts from the cottage’s exterior to the interior – the heart of the home where comfort, style, and functionality converge. Outer Banks Cottage Renovations approaches this phase with an unwavering commitment to creating an interior space that encapsulate the unique charm of the Outer Banks while integrating modern luxuries seamlessly.

Custom Cabinetry and Woodwork

Custom cabinetry and woodwork are at the forefront of creating a personalized and functional interior. Outer Banks Cottage Renovations collaborates with expert craftsmen to design and build cabinets, shelves, and storage solutions that cater to the homeowner’s specific needs. These pieces not only optimize space but also evoke the coastal aesthetic through the use of natural materials and intricate detailing.

From kitchen cabinets that embody both functionality and aesthetics to built-in bookshelves that showcase treasures collected over time, each piece of custom woodwork carries a story of its own. Outer Banks Cottage Renovations takes pride in crafting elements that are not only visually appealing but also imbued with the cottage’s unique character.

Flooring, Tiling, and Wall Finishes

Flooring, tiling, and wall finishes play a significant role in defining the ambiance of each room. Outer Banks Cottage Renovations pays careful attention to selecting materials that can withstand the coastal environment while reflecting the desired design aesthetic. Durable and moisture-resistant flooring options are chosen to ensure longevity in the face of sand, salt, and humidity.

Tiling serves as an artistic expression, capturing the essence of the coast. Whether it’s mosaic tiles depicting seashells or subway tiles reminiscent of historical beach cottages, the choices made echo the colors and textures of the Outer Banks. Wall finishes, from paint hues to textured wallpapers, create a harmonious backdrop that complements the cottage’s interior design concept.

Painting and Color Palette Implementation

The painting phase is where the transformation truly comes to life, as walls are coated with carefully selected colors that evoke the tranquility of the ocean and the serenity of the surroundings. Outer Banks Cottage Renovations collaborates with homeowners to choose a color palette that resonates with their vision and reflects the coastal ambiance of the Outer Banks.

Whether it’s the soothing tones of ocean blues, the warmth of sandy neutrals, or the vibrancy of sunset oranges, the chosen colors infuse each room with a distinct mood and atmosphere. Outer Banks Cottage Renovations’ meticulous approach ensures that the paint application is flawless, enhancing the overall aesthetic and tying together the interior space with the cottage’s external surroundings.

In the next section of this guide, we will explore the art of bringing the outdoors into the cottage—designing porches, decks, and outdoor living spaces that serve as extensions of the home and provide a seamless connection to the breathtaking coastal landscape of the Outer Banks.