Home renovation in Kitty Hawk

July 11, 2021

At OBX, we take pride in our renovations. From start to finish, we work closely with our clients to insure the remodel of their dreams! This beautiful home in Kitty Hawk has had quite a bit of remodeling done starting in November, 2020. In this post, I will start by talking about home renovations and the benefits. After that, I will tell you about a recent Home Renovation in Kitty Hawk. You will notice the completed work in the photos we have showcased.

Home Renovations

Having a home that you enjoy living in is very important. Many people work from home, and enjoy hosting friends and family on the weekends. Although a living space is a place to sleep and rest your head, certainly it is much more than that. A renovation can turn an average home into your dream come true!

OBX Cottage Renovations

First, we always start with a consult. This helps us get to know our client including the needs and goals with their home and budget. Your satisfaction is our main priority!

Our team begins with moving the contents necessary from the rooms we will be working on, to a non-working area of the home. Then, we follow with removing what is necessary for the remodel.


Benefits of Remodeling a home

There are many benefits to home renovation in Kitty Hawk. Sometimes if you are getting tired of the place you are living in, you may consider purchasing a new one! First, remodeling can give you the same feeling of being in a new place, without actually moving! Secondly, a renovation, remodel, or any sort of upgraded features in a home add value. It’s always a good idea to keep your resale value in mind. Further, another benefit of remodeling, is customizing your house to fit your lifestyle. A basic home can be turned into something that’s about YOU.

Whether you need a bathroom remodel to accommodate those busy mornings, or your floor plan makes it crowded when company arrives, remodeling allows you to configure every room in your house in a way that fits your needs. Especially since your needs can change over the years as your family grows!

A few more benefits of remodeling include upgrading an old home’s outdated appliances. There is nothing quite like the charm of an older home, however, that does not mean you have to live quite like they did back when your house was built! OBX cottage renovations can replace outdated appliances and fixtures with new, energy efficient models. In addition, we can replace that questionable shag carpet with new hardwood floors!



Interior Flooring & railing replacements

Now, this was the fun part. The home renovation in this Kitty Hawk property! Flooring is incredibly important in the remodel process. Typically our clients would like something that includes elegance and longevity. Certain floors require more maintenance than others. For this home, we supplied and installed new Elegant Appeal Fleece carpet at the main level rear bedroom and closet, as well as upper level front and rear bedrooms and closets.

In the rear office, rear hall, upper level hall, living, dining, and kitchen floor areas, we supplied and installed new pre-finished Natural Maple Engineered flooring. These were put in on both sides of existing stairs and 1 side of perimeter at the upper level hall.

What type of flooring would you install?

This is very important to look into. There are many pros and cons to the different options!

Ten new pre-Finished Natural Maple treads and 2 landing treads with white primed risers at existing stair were cut to fit inside new stair skirt trims. Finally, new stainless-steel cable rails with stainless steel cables and hard maple top rails were put in on four sides of the stairs and 1 side of the upper level hall.

Rear Deck

Rear decks add livable space and functionality to your home! A professionally-done addition to your home actually adds value on the property. Outdoor spaces can be used year round depending on how the design is done! Decks are relatively inexpensive, and also low maintenance. We say yes to decks!

OBX Cottage Renovations supplied and installed new premium treated decking run parallel with the rear of the house. Next, we supplied and installed a new treated band board at the deck perimeter which was attached to the deck frame with stainless steel nails.

Rear Deck Stairs

Rear deck stairs include the stairs leading up or down from the rear deck. If you are remodeling your deck, then you may as well match the stairs accordingly.

A new treated wood staircase was put in between existing pilings. To match the rear deck, we installed rails at both sides of the stairs. 


Front Upper Deck

Now, if your house has a front upper deck and a rear deck, you are in luck! This gives you the best of both worlds with views on front and rear ends. Not to mention you just added even more value and living space to your home by having not one, but two decks! For the front upper deck, we added posts. These were put in at the corners. Along with this, the new deck railings were installed.

In addition, these were attached with stainless steel rail cables. 



Front Lower Deck & Stairs

The front lower deck and stairs includes the bottom half of the property.

At this point, you will definitely want to match the front lower deck and stairs with the rest of the remodel.

We added in rail posts at the corners which resulted in an attachment to the deck frame. We supplied and installed new deck railings at the deck, stairs, and stair landing. Stainless steel rail cables attached everything together.

This project, the owner took care of the painting and staining portion. 

In conclusion, browsing photos and ideas can be a important part of creating your dream home. Importantly, making your designs a reality also takes smart planning and organization. Project management is an essential part of remodeling, and there’s nothing like the feeling of implementing a plan to create something new and beautiful. Scheduling a consult with us, will help you finalize your decisions on your remodel! 

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